Origins Quest is for those of us looking to intentionally step foot into uncertainty. To find the forgotten path modern society has deprived us of along the way.Origins Quest is a journey in through journeying out. Alone, while together.

Why Quest?

A Vision Quest (sometimes called a vision fast) is an ancient tradition practiced by many cultures world wide.

A quest is a rite of passage most commonly undertook by youth entering into adulthood. The quest marks a big transition in ones life; the transition of growing up and shouldering the responsibility necessary to become an integrated adult that can contribute to the tribe and the collective through living a life that is in alignment with their purpose.

Modern culture has lost many of its ancient ritual processes. These have been replaced by pseudo-initiations, which are inherently devoid of meaning and sacredness. 

It’s of little wonder why our modern culture seems to be crying out for the sacred, individually and collectively. We have lost the thread of meaning in our lives and a life devoid of meaning is a life that feels empty and trivial.

By choosing to quest you are entering into a coming of age ritual, regardless of what age you currently are. It’s another opportunity to mature into the fullness of who you are meant to be.

A quester sits at the threshold of immense change. They are looking for answers, they want to pick back up the thread of life that connects them to the web of the great mystery, they are craving a better relationship with themselves and the world around them, they want clarity on their path.

A vision quest is an ancient technology that allows us to do just that. To retreat from the modern world, return back home to nature and go inward into ourselves to find the stillness that creates the space for our vision to emerge with clear sight.

Collectively we are at a threshold where culture and nature are changing faster than ever before. We feel this, even if we aren’t acutely aware of it. We feel it in our bones - the world is changing fast and the grogginess that we feel is the evolutionary hangover that we suffer as our ancient genes struggle to adapt to our modern world.

A vision quest allows you to find your place at this threshold of change where your heart can open and your soul can lead the way.

A quest is not for the feint of heart. It requires a lot of courage and a willingness to step fully into the unknown. It is deep psychological, physical and spiritual work that is only for those who are called to it.

If you find yourself on this page that might be you…Nature calls you home, your vision wants to emerge from the shadows.



Fasting in nature has a unique effect on the body and mind. A lot of people are surprised how they don’t even notice a single hunger pang. However, some have more difficulty; they feel weak, dizzy when they get up, etc. Fasting is only taboo in modern society where food is so readily available and pushed on us. Fasting is a natural, innate part of human life and traditional culture. Just understand your limits and play with some shorter fasts at home before arriving. You will also have an emergency meal with you during your fast. If you have no pre-existing conditions, you will be just fine. 

You will fast for 3 days and 3 nights. The rest of the trip is prep work in the beginning and integration work at the end.

We provide the safe and beautiful location, dinner every night,  snacks and a curated ‘ease-in’ meal after your fast. 

The main chunk of your investment is for our guidance in curating a life altering experience, clarity, a deeper understanding of yourself and most importantly, your safety. 

We are fully equipped with all of the basic over the counter and prescription medicine as well as first aid kits and a GPS satellite phone. We are within close range of hospitals and emergency service if needed as well.

No experience is necessary. We will send a full packing list and accompanying video that will include all the gear you need to bring with you as well as cover all questions via Zoom leading into the trip. We sometimes have extra gear we can loan out or you can rent from companies. We will help with set up once you arrive. 

We do not currently offer co-ed Quests, we offer two separate trips based on Gender. If you want a co-ed experience check out our retreats.

Your Investment

Our Quest's are meant to be accessible and are built on a sliding scale. We help you define what you can afford during our Zoom interview that we set up after you apply.